"So, What Do Ya'll Play?"

Love that question! We're not angry enough to be metal, not goofy enough to play Mustang Sally. Within those parameters, expect an eclectic mix of real country (No click-track nonsense, swear to Hank), the entire spectrum of rock (seriously, Creedence to Kings of Leon), a handful of originals (mostly about drinking, shocker), and our own personal twists on some singalong classics that you won’t see coming.

"Who Are You Guys?"

We're small town, fun-loving, music making, Florida Panhandle beach bums that love life and love what we do! Seems no matter where we play - our favorite bar or brand new venue - every show ends up being a memorable night with an amazing group of friends both old and new. We wouldn't have it any other way.


Chris Truette


Mike Caughran


Chris Gilmore


Jeff Godwin